If you read my microblog (or follow me on FB) you already know this… Megs was in a car accident this evening.

First of all, he is mostly OK. His neck is really starting to twinge on him now that it’s been like two hours. Never fear, our chiro was at where he was going… there’s already a visit planned on Friday to fully check out Megs.

That said, here’s the story in a nutshell. Megs was coming to our church building for a physical for boy scout camp next week. He pulled into the right turn lane and was coming up it at roughly 20/25 MPH. There was a Chevy Lumina that was sort of straddling the line and decided to pop on over into the turn lane – regardless of Megs coming.

The Chevy struck Megs on the front driver’s corner. Megs said it was so bad the Chevy actually went up on the curb but somehow got turned FACING the direction it’d come from!

Megs saw someone exit the other car. He figured, “Oh this guy is coming to check out damage/exchange info.” NO! The next thing he knows this bloke shoves the car off the curb and zoom… away the people went! Hit and run!

That’s bogus man! Here’s a nice little photo so you can see his car and where it happened.

Well we encouraged him to call the cops. Turns out a witness also called the cops. Megs had the foresight to nab the license plate as the people peeled off for parts unknown.

A fire truck and an fire/rescue came out and gave Megs a once over. The state trooper didn’t sound real pleased at all and plans to find the people. There was mention of charging with felony hit and run. Let me tell you, that’s someone who’s gonna be having a real bad day. Woulda been better to face the music with the cops today, right?

One more look at the car:

Here’s the crappy part… we JUST paid this thing off. Thankfully I still have full coverage. In VA you are required to have insurance or pay a fee. We have coverage in case these people don’t have insurance. We plan to contact our provider and update them to the situation, but the trooper said to have them hold off until he gets more information.

While the airbag didn’t deploy, what concerns me is how much was done. It’s such a little spot, but it tore up his fender which we figure probably has to be replaced for sure. It also mucked up his hood and the front quarterpanel. Those are all so expensive. His car is a 2003 commuter POS. I’m scared this dang thing is gonna be totaled and we’re going to end up in another car payment. And I don’t really feel like going car shopping these days. I suppose I should grab onto my chance to stimulate the crappy car economy but you know what? I say the car companies deserve what they got. I don’t WANT to stimulate them. Not until they can provide me with a product that is not only safe but also isn’t detrimental to our planet. I’m sorry but 30 odd MPG is NOT good. Humph. So that’s my pbbbbbt to the car people.

So, once more: There was a car accident. Megs is fine. Car is crunched but drivable. We have a witness who corroborates Megs story. We have one trooper who’s hot for the perps.

What a night.

–Lady O