I’m x-posting this from my photography journal (so you’ll notice a different sign off) because I just think it’s cool and I wanted to.  HEHE  Hope you like it!

–Lady O

In May I took a personal trip with the kids to the Baltimore Inner Harbour.  We totally hijacked the husband’s business trip and did a ton of walking and sight seeing.  Talk about a load of fun!

Well, on our little adventure to walk from the Harbour (basically from beside the Orioles ballpark) to Fort McHenry (so not 2 miles – try FIVE! ONE WAY!) we got to the top of this hill and had this beautiful view of the water.  I wanted to melt from the coolness of it all!

I’ve tried to do panorama’s in the past but only half heartedly.  I know I did everything wrong since I didn’t even have a tripod or a beanbag but figured “Eh, why not?”

So I snapped off a few shots standing in place and figured one day when I had time, I’d fiddle.  Well, not that I really have time these days, but I started fiddling last night.  Mostly because the big long loads of work event I did last week needed me to do the same sort of technique you use on panorama pictures.  I figured Baltimore had to be about a zillion times easier than trying my first real attempt on pictures with a total of like 170 teenagers.  See, sometimes I can use my brain!  Aren’t you proud?

Well… here’s what I learned.  1. I need a macbook if I ever want to do something like this on a laptop again.  HAHA 2. Woah, it’s fun!  And with proper software (seriously the last time I tried this was with an Elph and some stitching software that was confusing as all get out) it’s not too hard.  There’s some fine tuning and whatnot, but that’s not so bad, right?  To be expected?  Yeah, I thought so.

I fell asleep at the laptop last night working on this.  I woke up this morning (Dudes, of course I got up at some point and went to bed! Geeze! I’m not that much of a glutton for punishment for my art!) and got back to work.  Now, I put this in really small just so you don’t have to scroll for years…

Whatcha think?  It’s not perfect, but I think I did a pretty bang up job!  I love it!  I’m sitting here going “No JS, you don’t need to send it off to print.  No you don’t.  Stop.  You don’t.”

I think I need to. Where on earth would I put this though? Hmmm.  And how much would it cost?

I better go find other work to do.  Before I spend the rest of my photo money on some crazy size picture of Baltimore!

BTW – I’m lonely… message me!  Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!  Yeah… I’m an attention-whore.  I know!  But you love me anyway!

–Have Camera, Will Travel


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