Ok, so next time I say I’m posting pix… you guys scream at me in the comments. I don’t know WHY my pix didn’t show up but I’m trying this again! LOL

So I took my husband to the airport, as you know, and we got to DC early so we took a little spin through town. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos as we were driving down the streets.

It was fun!

We went by the water and I looked at pretty boats. I love to get on sail boats. *SIGH* Wish I had a boat I could take up and down the waterways here. How cool would that be to photograph?

We drove by the Washington Monument which was looking stunning as always! I love that the sky was just such a pretty blue with some poofy clouds!

On our way out of town we passed by the Jefferson Memorial which I love.

So here’s some photos that weren’t in the previous post. I went to DC again on Thursday with a friend to shoot some family photos. Check out this picture I took with my camera phone while we were there!

I love the Lincoln Memorial! So pretty!

Just in case you were wondering, here’s a picture from the shoot I did:

The proofs are up on my website. Isn’t she beautiful? And her kids are beyond cute. I love them!

And just because I can… I’m going to post a picture of where I was just this past Sunday! I dropped the kids off at Ferrum College for an enrichment camp. It’s beautiful down there! This is yet another Camera-Phone snap!

Isn’t that great?

So today I’m off to the Newseum up in DC. Woot, another trip into the city! I am so super duper excited! In fact, I must away!

So here’s the final shot of me, so fitting especially these days! This was the final picture from when I was spinning around DC with my hubby two Sunday’s ago! We’re leaving the city and I snagged it in the background with me in the rearview mirror taking a photo! Awesome! Is that me or what?

Have Camera, Will Travel? Yeah, that sounds about right! Whatcha guys think?

SRSLY, if the Pix don’t show… MESSAGE ME and YELL AT ME!

Bloggie… you better work right! HAHA

Loves to ya

–Lady O

PS If I see something cool I’ll post a photo via camphone to my flickr. If you are curious you can look: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ladyozma