My husband has a project in San Jose that he flies to frequently. Sunday afternoon he needed to go to National so we hopped in the car for a nice little DC drive. I hate going to DC on the afternoon of a weekend because traffic is just so questionable.

As luck would have it, we hit great traffic! Which also meant we left far too early and got to the airport with an hour and fifteen minutes to spare.

So? We did a little drive through of DC. It was just so beautiful I hung out the window like the great big dork that I am and snapped some photos. Photogging while driving down the street? Yeah it’s sorta mixed results. (FYI for safety: He was driving, I was photogging!)

I thought you might like a little peek at what I got, which I have to admit I’m dang impressed with. Go me! What makes me really go “SQUEEE” is that I was just back in the District yesterday taking portraits of a dear friend and her FREAKING CUTE boys. If those pictures are half this awesome? Oh baby, yeah!

Nice shot of the Washington Monument!

We drove by the water. I wanna go sailing! How cool would it be to sail around here? We were within sight of the monuments!

We headed back out of the city and I grabbed this one of Jefferson.

That just says it all about me. I do love to travel! I always hate leaving cool places though so I snapped a picture of me taking a picture with DC receding as we crossed the bridge back into VA!

I’m so glad I went back to DC yesterday. I can’t wait to show off photos! As a bonus, I took Joram so there will be pix of my friend and her kids and then pix of my kid! (Or maybe I should torment her and post Joram’s first? Whatcha think? Eh, she loves me so she’d put up with the torment! HA!)

I love ya, DC!

–Lady O