Recently I hosted a Pampered Chef party. I love this stuff. It’s just fantastic and I really love my Consultant, Rachel Luciani.

My shipment came in this large box with Pampered Chef written on it and large logos. Caramon instantly claimed the box for a scout project which he finally got to start this week.

Here he is with the finished oven:

Isn’t that great? He lined the whole box with tin foil and then made an oven rack out of wire coat hangers from the dry cleaners. (OMG I hate those things with every fiber of my being!!!!) He was pretty proud of himself and he’s totally stoked about baking a pie in here on the next campout. Too bad that’s a wilderness survival and they can’t take any food! HA!

This is the photo that I love though, you can see Pampered Chef all over the box!

Isn’t that awesome?

Look for it in your next catalogue!

Hmmm, think you can use the pizza stone on that for pizza at a campout?

–Lady O

PS A Nephi picture because he was just being silly and hiding in his hidey-hole… maybe he thought we were going to have baked chihuahua? AS IF!