I know it’s been a while. I’ve been so swamped and crazy! My budget has been out of control for food because we’ve been shopping that European way my mom does. Talk about BAD. We’re often at 5 PM running to the store to buy things! Not good.

But I’ve been in a funk about food. I go through cycles like that. I think part of it is just the stress of figuring out meal plans. My husband is super picky and it gets frustrating to do all this work and then have complaints.

I was making my weekly shopping list and trying to figure out what to do this week and so I surfed on over to Orgjunkie.com because you can get HUNDREDS of ideas for meals there on Menu Planning Monday!

Unfortunately for me, I found about 30 Bazillion I want to make. All chicken and fish of course! Curses to the pickiness that says no chicken! Le Sigh.

There are some people that are eating good this week, that’s what I learned. One of these days I’m gonna track IP addresses and then just make my Menu Monday the “Travel edition” and go crash all these families for their yummy food! HAHA Wouldn’t that be funny? Yeah, kind of stalkery and creepy. Thank goodness I’m not that sort of person!

But that leaves me with… what to make? I want something different. Of course we have to nix cow and fowl and fish. That doesn’t leave us with much in the way of options.

So here’s what I’ve come up with, but I want more ideas of different meals! I need a change of pace! I want to get excited about cooking again! Especially with winter coming, I need to get back into that kitchen! I also need to start up my good stock up plan again to get us better in shape for winter weather!

Monday: Empanadas: http://ping.fm/jOsgO

Tuesday: Pasta Frittata: http://ping.fm/OCMur

Wednesday: WAFFLE WEDNESDAY! Woot! I just want an excuse to have waffles. Last week Joram made us chocolate waffles with chocolate chips. MMMM. 🙂 But since you might want a waffle recipe and ours pretty much comes from the red and white checkered cookbook here’s an Overnight Waffle recipe: http://ping.fm/Xtsoa

Thursday: It’s Chick-Fil-A free entree night for customer appreciation. I don’t know what it is, but we’re getting it! 🙂 And then we’ll be off to Boy Scout Court of Honour which I’m proud to say that my Caramon is running! YAY! (And with that he’ll finish up yet another one of those Eagle Required MB’s! YAY!)

Friday: Crock Pot Pizza Noodles: http://ping.fm/ZBldG

Saturday: It’s the Ward Trunk or Treat and that’s at the crazy early time of 6 PM. I’m not sure what we’ll do. I’m trying to talk my husband into taking me to the special night at The Melting Pot. MMM. So we might just have the kids fend for themselves or something else all together I need to finalize plans. I’ve got several ideas on this list of things I can make if we decide to just eat at home and together as a family like usual.

Sunday: Enchilada Casserole: http://ping.fm/MCtrZ

My other ideas which will either be made this week or next because I’m buying the stuff for them:

Sausage and Stuffing Criss Cross Pastry: http://ping.fm/f3nHL Doesn’t that just look good enough to make you want to lick the screen? Yeah. Good thing we all have will power! Or at least some of us…

Tuesday: Crock Pot Ravioli: http://ping.fm/AQpSX

Now, I’m off to hit the grocery store before I lose my willpower and have the husband bring home a pizza. ROFL. Because really? With that early morning Seminary thing I really just would rather go to bed right now! Wake up after the sun goes down like a normal person! 😉

Normal vampire that is. HAHA

What’s on your menu?

–Lady O
PS – That’s right. No green veggies. I’ve decided I don’t like the colour green, even though I’m so Irish that I practically have shamrocks growing out of my ears, so we aren’t eating anything green. Ever again. Yup. You know who you are and why I’m saying this. So there! HAHA!