One of the reasons I love homeschooling is that we get to go off on tangents and we have no crazy No Child Left Behind nonsense getting in our way.


What does that mean?


I have two boys. Generally that means taking things apart just for the fun of seeing the innards. Oh no, they don’t just like dissecting, they like to dissect everything!



Yesterday we dissected an old flip phone. Ever wanted to see what goes on inside your phone? There you go.


Why did we do this?


Well, my boys seem to love engineering, electronics, and robots. So they wanted to find the doodad that makes your phone vibrate to make a bot. After completely dismantling the phone and playing with the various inside pieces, they nabbed the vibrator and an old toothbrush and made a Bristle Bot of Doom.


Nephi was NOT impressed!



Because that wasn’t enough, they then dismantled an old X-Box controller and got the much larger vibrator device out of that and made Beetle Bots with the various pieces of the controller.


Our school day did not end there. Oh no! That would be too little.



The first video we did with my HD Canon camera.




The second video we used my Macbook camera.


What do you think of our school day?


If you want to know what else we did there were the readings of: Around the World in 80 Days and His Majesty’s Dragon, daily devotions, as well as some other regular things of that nature.


Have a great day! I’m not sure what we are going to do today but I’m sure it will have more to do with robots and movie-making!


–Lady O


**Note: The boys love watching the stats on youtube.  We are discussing how the stats work and what it takes to get a video with high stats.  They also love feedback. Don’t be afraid to comment!**