The last few weeks have been a whirlwind.

I have managed to get the kids through their first unit of this General Science program. We ordered it and Physical Science and finally they came in.  Yay! The kids did NOT like having to take a test and balked at it all the way. I’m hoping that now that they realize Mom means business they will settle down.  A mom can hope, right? They really enjoy the program so that is good.  I’m hoping we can do Module 2 this week some, but it is yet another crazy week!  I need to be honest though… this science program is a lot of fun! I even enjoyed taking part! (OK, I do like science, but still…)

I finally got my new glasses in.  Yay! After busting up my glasses at Jamboree like the great big dork that I am, it was killing me to be without proper specs. Unfortunately, since going to my eye doctor I’ve been having some major issues with my left eye. It’s either overly dry or it feels almost like it’s got something in it like mucus or something. It is making me nuts and causing me headaches.  When it is being normal, I can see OK, but unfortunately it seems that by the end of the day it is acting up. Makes it hard to focus. As if that wasn’t hard enough after two weeks of not owning proper specs? I hope that my eye is OK. I know it was horrible for two days after my appointment. I just hate getting that stuff put in my eye. I am not kidding when I say it messes me up!

One fun thing we did in August was my kids worked on making logos for our VA LDS Homeschooling group. They worked really hard and had some pretty cool ideas. Unfortunately they started out drawing. As it turns out, that is fine unless you want to silk screen. Darn it! Do you know how disappointed I was since I finally got them to actually focus on their art AND the little punks coloured? I don’t know what it is but my kids are some kind of awesome artsy types but they never want to draw and they really never want to colour! I know, weird, right? Go figure… So then we had to do the logos on the computer.  Joram took to using our drawing tablet with great enthusiasm. Caramon? Not so much. In fact Sir Megabyte and I ended up redoing his.  It was a bit nightmarish so I suppose i can understand.  My kids won the logo contest so it was not all in vain! We’ll be getting tshirts tomorrow and I can’t wait to see them!

I read a bazalliony books this summer. I’m already dreading the end of summer post. The most interesting book I read though is the one I just finished yesterday.  It was all about the FLDS and that lady that escaped from it.  I like biographies and this was a doozy.  It made me remember reading Princess by Jean Sasson. I also read the whole Hunger Games series in one week.  That was a series that made me completely useless for anything else.

I’ve also photographed two weddings in two weeks.  In fact this Friday will be the third Friday I went to the DC Temple in a row. This week it is not for a wedding though! While Friday is probably my least favourite day to go to the Temple, I am glad that I have been able to go so much! It’s pretty awesome, plus I got to do some work on the grounds taking pictures.  I love it!  While up there a couple days ago, I checked out this beautiful bronze statue display.  It was all about Christ’s life and all I can say is WOW!  Breathtaking and spiritually moving.

I was trying to plan a writing retreat but now I"m not sure what I"m going to do as far as that goes.  I need to start looking at it seriously to figure out the expenses because unfortunately my van needs a boatload of work done to it. Not happy.  I’m gearing up because it’s nearly NaNoWriMo and so you know… yeah.  

So that’s the last couple of weeks.  I had another blog post I wanted to write but I just couldn’t get it done tonight. I did edit one of the weddings though. Yay! I’m just mulling over how i want to write this one post because it is pretty serious in nature. Just the musings in my head and probably too much of me reading the news and putting me into informational writing as opposed to personal writing. This post is probably evident of how the informational writing has taken over one section of my brain leaving me with a far more laid back entry then I normally post.  Make of that what you will.

I hope to get this other post out soon. I just need to figure out exactly where I want it to go and how to get it there. You know how I over think things when I decide to pontificate in an essay on my blog. 

–Lady O