Words. They are what we use to express what we mean. Often we tend to use the same words over and over. The same mannerisms. People can know us by the way we speak and the way we write.

In fact, every person has their own writing "fingerprint". It can truly fascinate a person if they really want to study it. Me? I don’t want to study it. I just like to gawk.

So for lack of anything better to do while I scour the internet trying to study faith blogs for my own personal reasons (no I’m not actually planning to turn this into a faith blog or start another blog… I’m just doing it) I decided to make a wordle out of this blog. Why? Because while I don’t particularly write this blog as a personal diary so to speak, I do consider it an extension of myself. So I thought it might be a little bit interesting. 

Plus, wordles just look cool.  

Here’s mine:
Wordle: Lady Ozma's Insanity

Fun, right?

–Lady O

PS I had a heck of a time getting that to go in. Don’t know why. LJ being stupid? Probably. I’m convinced the Drama Llama hates me.  Click on the wordle to see it bigger – so you know… you can actually READ those words!