I suppose I knew the day would come… the day dreaded by any parent.

“Mom, I totally pwned you in Halo!” Now picture the fourteen year old doing the official ‘You’ve been pwned’ dance while cackling.


What happened to the days of olde when the joyous refrains were heard: “Mommy, I can’t beat this, can you do it for me? Puhhhhhleaaaaase!”

I think I know what happened. Me, being the every busy and mean mother that I am, I made my kids suffer until they mastered the game themselves. This means that they actually learned to play games.  Oooops.

Somehow I was great at Halo 2. Now that we have a working XBox again and Halo 3, I’ve suddenly become the epitome of gamer suckatude. This depresses me a lot. Especially when the aforementioned teenager starts doing his victory song and dance.  It is quite the sight to behold.

On the bright note, now we can game as a family.  We so enjoy video games and table games alike. I will admit we probably spend more of our family nights playing games than anything else. We try to do the whole song and lesson thing, but we are really just biding time until the games portion of ‘Family Home Evening’. Good thing since we have a veritable mountainload of table games as well as video games.

The other bright note is I can send the aforementioned teenager off to gaming tournaments. He’s our Munchkin that wins us fun games to try. Huzzah for Steve Jackson Gaming!

I just somehow have to find a way to live with not being the super gamer of the house.  I might not be super gamer any more, but I”m not ready to give away my dice or hang up my controller. I will just ensure my gear is all pink or purple to keep the testosterone crew off my stuff.

What do you play? Alone or as a family. I thought I would list out some of ours. Wow, I didn’t think the list would be this long… enjoy!

Lady Ozma’s Picks for Games:


Professor Layton FTW! All of them!

MillionHeir – Seriously, this saved me on the cursed attempt to get to Utah last year.

Diddy Kong Racing – I ❤ Mario Kart. However this is just like it, but you only need one game cartridge for other people to race with you. Same game pretty much, only better.

Cake Mania – Don’t ask. Yes, I play like crazy. I wish I could say that I wasn’t.

Puzzle Planet League – Good luck. It’s hard to find. But it is awesome. I still hate Nintendo for introducing this to me and then it proving nigh on impossible to find. ( That said, please, Nintendo. Let me do another event like that one! Or X-Box. Anyone gaming people really. Did I mention I ❤ gaming?)

Wii –

Mario Party – OK, you also need this for the DS. Mario Party is great!

Mario Kart – I’m always baby peach in the stroller because it’s just too cute not to be…

Secret Shame – We Cheer – Yes, the cheerleading one. I wanted something better for step aerobics type action over wii fit’s boring step aerobics. I’m a weirdo. And shamed that I even put this in print.

Lego Anything – These games are made of the win. It’s like your fave movies. With lego dudes. And lego scenary. And lego building. Legos rule. The first toy I bought after finding out I was pregnant was some sort of baby lego set.

Beatles Rock Band – I love to drum. And these songs I know!  And I can sing (badly) along. Awesome.


HALO! – Um… is there anything else besides Halo? I’m sure, but Halo trumps all!

Portal – The cake is a lie! THE CAKE IS A LIE! I seriously can’t wait for Portal 2. THE CAKE IS A LIE!

Gotham Racing – Because you need more racing games. This has brought tears to our eyes from laughing so hard.

I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting. But our X-Box seems to only play these three games.  Oh and, The cake is a LIE!!!!


Plants Vs Zombies. Because Grampsy must die and I’m gonna get that zombie with butter on his head if it is the last thing I do.

Sims 3 – Squeeeee

Not WOW – looking for the next big thing. However due to personal issues not worthy of discussion on my blog because I refuse to go into details… I won’t enter WOW any more. It makes me want to vomit. Sadly, I miss having a game like this. It was fun. Before it sent me into tears and then made me want to vomit. (Hey, I beta test! And I’m on a Mac as well as a PC!)


Munchkin anything – Raid the dungeon, kill the monsters, stab your buddy, hey Caramon stop cheating… oh wait, it’s Munchkin… go right ahead!

Catan anything – For reals. We need more. We only have the Mormon version, Settlers of Zarahemla.

Blokus – Because we are brainy. (There’s a version for iPhone???????? NO WAY! Downloading to Megs’ work phone NOW!)

Heroscape – It’s like legos with monsters and dice. Oh and there’s a capes version.

Ok, really, I can’t narrow it down. Pretty much anything by these people: Rio Grande, Steve Jackson, Looney Labs.

iPod type devices:

Angry Birds (Also on Droid!)

We Rule (I love the kingdom!)

Pocket Frogs (Way better than Frogger)

Zombie Farm – Zombies are always awesome

Tesla Toy – Ok, not really a game but just as fun. Nikola Tesla is THE MAN.

I want an iPad to add to the BatGirl toy collection.

–Lady O