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First off, I want to apologize for no Attitude of Gratitude post yesterday. I said I’d blog and I didn’t. However the events of yesterday are part of why I wanted to post today about health.

You see, it was our mega-clean Monday. Including laundry day. Laundry day is always nightmarish, however I think the whole world is grateful for me performing this never-ending task because it means I remain clothed. No one wants to see this naked.  *SHUDDER*

I piled up the laundry basket with a load to toss in the washer and made it halfway down the stairs where my foot hit a doggie rope bone and needless to say that didn’t work out so well.  The boys came running to check on mom lying in a heap of dirty laundry at the bottom of the stairs.

Kudos to those two kids. They really are the best kids a mom could have. One cleaned up the clothes and took the basket to the laundry room. The other gave me the sure-fire feel better medicine: a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

Did I bring these kids up right or not? After all, a chocolate chip cookie is far better than say… aspirin!

I just can’t explain the great deal of pain in my bottom. Apparently, even with all this padding, bumping down the stairs can still damage things.

Darn it all.

The good news? I don’t think I actually broke anything. Or at least I sure hope I didn’t. It feels like massive bruising and isn’t in the right place for bones.  So I think I bruised up all my muscles and stuff in one of those classic cases of “a break would be less traumatic” type of moves.

Go me!

I consider myself lucky.  The way these hips are? Oh  yeah.  I’m sure when I next see my chiropractor I’ll be in for a world-class lecture.  He told me I’m not allowed to fall any more. Ooops.

That’s not the only reason I’m thankful for health, though that should probably be enough!

Last week my mother flew back to Virginia with my infirm grandmother suffering from two broken ribs and dementia. (For those concerned, yes a wheelchair riding octogenarian does trigger automatic TSA checks and gee whiz imagine this… it was no big deal. Shocked? Not me. Just wanted to give a plug for TSA and tell you people to back off.)

The next day, my dad fell ill on his way home from my grandmother’s former home in Mississippi.  Within twelve hours of that, he called to inform us of his admittance to a hospital eight hours away in Tennessee. At which point my mother and I about lost it.

Matching rooms at the “day spa” were simply not to be found. Instead my mother boarded another plane to join my father.  Leaving me to deal with the day-to-day worries of my grandmother and her new nursing home and to worry about my father.

So you know what? I’m thankful for good health.  As you all know, I’ve had my fair share of insanity when it comes to doctors. Can people just get a case of the sniffles around my Kingdom? Heck no! Where’s the fun in that? Naw, we roll with crazy things like falling sick while traveling or getting bit by venomous snakes.

We’re just a pack of overachievers in the medical arena!

Good news: last night I heard that my father orchestrated a jail-break and is on his way home.  (Please, have you ever been in a hospital? I swear it’d be easier to break out of the pokey!) Huzzah! Hopefully my mother and her bum right leg will hold out for driving him to here!

And my grandma? Well, Grams is to be expected. She is making Oscar the Grouch look like Happy Dwarf.  That said, she’s settling in. Now, if we could get her to go socialize…

I’ve had plenty in my life to make me realize how much we should treasure the healthy days and I sure try to accomplish this. I will say that I’m glad my children are healthy and happy and growing! (We even confirmed this with our way technical and advanced method of using a pencil on the inside of the pantry door!  They’ve both grown in the last two months!)

–Lady O