It is the last Saturday for November and I’m having a great holiday with my family. Lots of fun, lots of sillyness, lots of really great food. Huzzah for a whole day centered around gratitude! Thursday was Thanksgiving Day here in the States. Even though I spent lots of time enjoying my family and food, I’ve tried to stay on top of things with this project.

So what came through this week when so many are thinking of Thanksgiving anyway? Here’s just a sampling of what I saw. What did you see?

My friend‘s no-family Thanksgiving turned out Awesome!

Thankfully Full (check out the turkey picture… wow! Looks fantastic!)

Jensen Family Photos posted a plate that says it all!

I’ve got several fashion bloggers (maybe they’ll rub off on me?) on my reading list and well… I just like her outfit. I wish I could be as stylish as Clothed Much! (Wanna come train me to be more chic? Luv ya!)

I ❤ the good people at Mom It Forward. They rock. Anyway, check out this post of “Top 10 things I’m thankful for today”!

I know I’ve been a slacker. I’ve just been so wrapped up with my in-laws. My Brother-in-law came home from Afghanistan and I’m so happy.  He and his wife came by twice which was a pleasant surprise.  (Because he had some formation military blahblah thing on T-day we just assumed we wouldn’t see him until Friday. He made a point to drop in for a few minutes still in cammies. Gosh I hate cammies, but I love the men that wear them!)

We’re just having a great Thanksgiving holiday trying to enjoy as much of our family as we can. Life will be back to normal come Monday!

–Lady O