No pain no gain – remember that old saying? Oh yeah, that’s what it is all about.

One of The Man’s co-workers gave us P90X for Christmas. I’m pretty sure this guy is only playing that he likes us. I mean what kind of gift is that? It finally came in around a month ago, but The Man sort of pulled some Troll Action of his own.

He’s just stressed. It’ll be all right. Or at least that’s what I thought. Me? I sat down with the books and started reading.

First thing I noticed – the food requirements are outlandish. On a good day I’m hard pressed to eat 1,000 calories. I know, I know. Yes, this is a problem. I’m busy. I just don’t think about food. I admit, I’m a total weirdo. That’s fine. This program, however, wants me to eat nearly 3,000 calories a day. Almost triple what I eat.

There is no way I could eat that much. I got ill just contemplating it.

Honestly? The food scared me more than the workouts themselves.

I hear P90X kicks your trash up and down the curb. I’m injured from the fall down the stairs, but I figure I’ll support The Man. I can kill myself just as well as he can. My plan? I’ll do the girly P90X Lean while he does P90X. Solidarity! He does a day, I’ll do a day.

Only he totally caught me by surprise. Walks in the door at 7:30 PM last night and gets ready to workout. What is this? Panic sets in. I already took a glance at Day 1 of Week 1 for me. It’s like an hour and a half! Ack!

I shrugged, got up, and started working on the standard workout with him. Day 1 of P90X. It’s all pull ups and push ups.

Shoot me now and just get it over with. I can tell you now, I’ve never been able to do a pull up. I can put my foot behind my head and still nearly do the splits. I danced a bazillion hours a week in high school but I could never ever complete one stinking pull up.

Thank the gods of exercise for resistance bands. I opted for that while he did pull ups. Oooh rah, go Marine boy!

Thirty minutes in he was whining. And gasping. Me? I was getting warmed up.

I told you, I’m a freak. I actually like the way I feel when I work out. I love that feeling you get as the muscles start to warm up and limber out. Nice!

The boys joined us about ten minutes in. Caramon whined while Joram cheered. Form? Left a lot to be desired but I figure we should all get an A for effort.

The family that sweats together stays together.

Caramon and The Man completely bailed on part two – Ab Ripper X. Joram and I stuck around. Sixteen more minutes of crazy ab working fun.

Due to the cracked tailbone issues, I modified my exercises and I’m sure that will alter my results. I’m all right with that.

Am I crazy? Maybe. Verdict? I had a blast! Today’s a crazy day, but I’ll have to figure out how to work in Day 2. (Though due to the crazy Thursday schedule we’d discussed this being our “rest day… so I have NO idea why The Man didn’t wait until Friday… your guess is as good as mine. I blame the dangly bits for killing logic. I ALWAYS blame the dangly bits.)

I have no idea if I’ll make it through the 90 days, but I’m gonna give it a whirl. Goodness knows I need something! Consider it part of my Project: Me for 2011.

I hear the fun is just starting. P90X. One day down, 89 more to go!

–Lady O