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Today is a day of the WIN. All I have to say is, people rule.

So why is today so awesome? As many know, I’ve spent post after post discussing my job of choice – journalism. That’s right. I wanted to be the next Lois Lane.

In the past, I worked for newspapers, but not for a long time. Mostly I’ve just blogged and blogged and blogged.

I recently signed on to contribute for Yahoo after chickening out of applying for the full-time job at my local paper. Today they posted my first article. Read it here: A Girl and Her Droid. Please click! I get paid based on page views. If you like it, share it with your people. If you really like it, beg your people to spread the word.

There are several other entries in the works. I am loving it. The good: Assignments and deadlines. If I plan to ever get back into journalism full-time (and sucker that I am, I do), I need to get back into that habit. The bad: Several of the assignments so far are reviews, and I get no press pass for really getting into things.

Never fear, I’ll post when I have more articles approved. So far, I submitted two others and am working on three more.

The other moment of awesome came from Sir Megabyte. For whatever reason, he felt the need to vanity google. Only he used his real name. If you google Lady Ozma, tons of results come back and I own the first few pages. Go me. I’m nothing if not prolific.

You google my real name? You get nearly nothing. I probably should take Lady Ozma as a legal alias. (If you notice, I went for official byline on yahoo. It feels weird.)

However, he found this amazing blog entry about the Balticon 2010 Masquerade entitled: All This Glitter, too.

They use my real name. Don’t ask me how, because I never use my real name at conventions unless the con-chair does it for me. (Thanks a lot Mike, I ❤ you and Ravencon!) However, they included a fairly decent photo of me (rare!) AND said my costumes are “beautiful.” In fact the full quote was this:

Oddly enough, it turned out I knew the other Journeyman winner, too. …who’s often graced Richmond’s RavenCon with her lovely costumes, won the Most Beautiful ribbon for her interpretation of Alexia Tarabotti from Soulless, the first novel of another Balticon attendee, Gail Carriger.

So yeah, today? Awesome.

And they say the sun’ll come out tomorrow!

–Lady O