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In My Mailbox is an Internet Meme designed to showcase what books come into your home on a given week. They don’t need to come via post, however mine often do…

Borders really needs to close. I barely made it through Joseph-Beth closing this Spring, and here is Borders doing the very same thing! You would think I could keep myself under control, but all those heavily discounted books…they speak to me. They call my name. They want me.

I want to give them loving homes. A shelf to reside, lovingly read, treasured.

I may have issues.

Like you didn’t know that!

What came in my house this week?


Oh pretty books...

Let’s start at the top. It is just how I roll.

Remember all those book reviews in August? Twenty-one book reviews in one week did what now? It earned me more books. I would like to thank the great people at The Book Monsters for a fun Review-a-thon.

One prize I chose, “The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball” came in this week along with the variety of bookmarks you see. Honestly, I know nothing about this book. I fully admit that I chose this book based on the title. How do you go wrong?

Then came the big mistake. Someone emailed me, “Hey did you know that Borders is now at the 60-80% off range?”

I know. We call these sorts of people “enablers”.

Thanks a lot.

“Angel: Immortality for Dummies” is a graphic novel based on the TV show. I’ve enjoyed reading “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” so I figured with the huge discount for the large hard cover book, why not give this a whirl as well.  I think I’ll queue it for when I’m done with “Season 8”.

“And Another Thing” is a book by Eoin Colfer, the author of the amazing Artemis Fowl series. He’s like Irish or something and thus he rules. Who doesn’t like “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”? Who wouldn’t want just one more book in the series? Now there is one. We couldn’t say no, especially at the ridiculously low price of like a dollar or two.  I’ll grab my towel and let you know how that one goes.

More Rick Riordan love, “The Lightening Thief” in a graphic novel. You do know my mother grew up in Greece, right? I don’t care if I know the story. Greek Gods. Greek Monsters. In Art.

Enough said.

I’ll admit I’ve never read Anna Karenina. I honestly do not know how this one missed me. Maybe I was sick that week in school. Oh wait, I went to public school and this is Tolstoy. Again ringing up as a buck, “Android Karenina” , seemed the way to go. It’s Tolstoy, but with androids! And you know I like my androids!

Steampunk for the win!

“Night’s Edge” looks like a book with three novellas, one being a Charlaine Harris Sookie story. Really, you had me at Charlaine.

All in all, a mixed grouping of readings.

I shudder to think what my To-Be-Read count is now. Maybe I should give up trying to get under 100, I mean 150, no, no no, I really mean 200, Ok, fine, realistically, 250. At this point I think I should change my goal to crossing 300.

That seems very, very likely. While getting below 250? Not so much.

What are you reading? I’m trying to finish up this Rick Riordan book I needed to finish by oh… today. Ooops.

Hope my friend doesn’t mind!

–Lady Ozma