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Kitty Takes a Holiday (Kitty Norville, #3)

Kitty Takes a Holiday

(Kitty Norville #3)

Written by: Carrie Vaughn (Goodreads Author)
Pages: 336

The Barnes & Noble Review
The third installment of Carrie Vaughn’s supernatural fantasy series starring lycanthropic late-night radio host Kitty Norville (Kitty and the Midnight Hour and Kitty Goes to Washington) takes an emphatically romantic turn when Norville, on hiatus from her popular radio show, is compelled to care for her lawyer friend Ben O’Farrell, who has been bitten and infected by a werewolf.

While hidden away in a cabin in the wilds of southern Colorado, Norville is finding it difficult to write her memoirs — especially when someone keeps painting bloody crosses on her door and leaving mutilated animal sacrifices hanging in the surrounding trees. But her autobiography takes a backseat when werewolf bounty hunter Cormac Bennett shows up on Norville’s doorstep with a bloodied O’Farrell in tow. While assisting Bennett on a case in New Mexico involving a rogue werewolf, O’Farrell was brutally attacked and, in less than four days, will experience his first Change. As O’Farrell struggles to come to grips with his new affliction, Norville and Bennett talk to locals in an attempt to uncover who is using arcane blood magic to intimidate Norville into leaving. But when the full moon inevitably rises and Norville and Bennett Change, the radio personality finds the unexpected: companionship, love, acceptance — and the beginnings of her own pack.
Featuring a strong and sexy heroine, this fast-paced and engaging saga will thoroughly engage fans of authors like Kim Harrison and Julie Kenner. It’s a far-from-normal paranormal fantasy. Paul Goat Allen

Kitty’s a little worn out from her crazy Washington “working vacation”. Aren’t working vacations the worst? And just wrong in every way. So she’s on vacation. She’s set up a “best of” for her radio show and headed for the wilderness. Supposedly she’s writing a book. Really, she’s hiding out and hoping to regain some sanity in her life.

Right. Sanity in a world where you are a werewolf that testifies before Congress and run a paranormal talk show. I’m not sure who she’s fooling.

Surely not the itty-bitty town she’s holed up near. They might be small, but they know who she is. And some are less-than-pleased at her presence. As if that’s not bad enough, her studly bounty hunter buddy shows up with their mutual lawyer. Worse yet, the lawyer’s been bit by a werewolf.

Now Kitty must guide a newbie-werewolf and find out who’s harassing her. Which leads to a much larger mystery. Luckily the mystery gets solved but unluckily it lands Cormac in jail.

The action is high, even the courtroom action. The story is good. And what I love most is not only do you have a werewolf named Kitty, but now you have a werewolf lawyer.

Really? Like a lawyer that literally wolfs out isn’t just enough to make you laugh right now?

I flew through this book in one afternoon. I just couldn’t put it down. Three books in and I just never know what to expect next from Carrie Vaughn or Kitty Norville.

I kind of like that.

–Lady O