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In My Mailbox is an internet meme. The rules are easy enough: Make a blog post regarding the books that came into your house that week. It’s called “In My Mailbox” but you can get books in any way.

my books this week

Vampires and Christian women - strange bedfellows!

The first book that came in was “Bloodlines”, a spin-off of the Vampire Academy series written by Richelle Mead. This book is near the top of my “TBR”. I’m excited! I won this from all my posting last month for “The Book Monsters” challenge. I got to pick something from The Book Depository.  I quickly became lost in the vast selection, until I saw this book.  That cinched it, I wanted to read it! So yay!  Thanks for the free book!

“Daughters in my Kingdom” is a new resource published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It speaks of the history of the women’s organization known as The Relief Society and uses the stories of faithful modern women to inspire and uplift.  First announced a year ago at a worldwide broadcast to the women, last month we heard news of shipments heading out. I then spent about six weeks hoping every Sunday to get mine.

If you remember, a few years ago I did a brief study of the women in “The Holy Bible”.  I entitled this series, “Walking With Women” and it was a rewarding experience for me and my blog readers at the time. For several reasons I stopped and never got back to it. For many of the same reasons I felt inspired to study these women then, I recently felt I should get back into it and study a handful more women. I could not decide if I should blog about it and add to the previous collection.

However, I have also wanted to study more recent inspiring women. So many good women performing amazing feats. I like the idea of growing in my own womanhood.  I think I will take some time with this book and see where it takes me. Perhaps I’ll even blog about it.

I look forward to cracking these two books and enjoying them. I miss reading, this has been a low reading month just because of how much work I did on the Virginia Day of Service.

Any new books on your shelves? Wish list? Feel free to share in the comments!

–Lady O