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Earlier this year, I mentioned an opportunity to write for Yahoo. That has been so-so. I still do it, but not often. It’s hard to find news worthy stuff outside of the newsroom and their story requests for a while fell outside my field of knowledge. That’s OK. They’ve got some interesting ones now, so maybe I can write a few more.

So far, I’ve published eight articles there. You can learn more by visiting my profile, but I thought I would share the one I think was the most fun. “Act of Service Leads Local Resident On Adventure Through History” was a fun day where I got to hang out with a great lady and learn a little bit more about her, my home town, and history. Anytime you can use the word “octogenarian” in an article is a good time!

I really like the challenge of writing something more than just my personal blog. I feel like I’m re-entring the journalism world, and that is exciting! I’ve missed that and think about it more as my kids get older.

Since moving my personal blog to WordPress, a move I should have done long ago, I’ve watched my stats better and that’s been interesting. I want to thank you readers for coming and reading my silly ramblings. I love the comments and always try to comment back. It’s fun!

I was asked to submit something for an article on Parents.com  It was on the real joy of being a being a mom, and I totally made something up.  You know I made it up since I didn’t mention duct tape once. Somehow I knew that wouldn’t go over real well. OK, so maybe I didn’t make it up, but don’t think that I’m an old softie or anything.

Earlier this year I signed up for the newest internet addiction, Pinterest. That place is evil. Evil! You can’t stop looking. And half of it is gorgeousness that I will never be able to achieve. But I still pin stuff. Maybe, one day, in my dream world, I will be a gorgeously thin and rich woman and can accomplish some of this. For now, I’ll just keep pinning.  (OK, so yesterday’s blog entry about my skirt was something I pinned.)

Super fun is my newest adventure. I woke up one day with an invite to blog over at my local Patch. What on earth am I going to blog about for them that I don’t blog about here? No stinking idea. Apparently the editor likes me though. Yay! I’m super popular! Huzzah! Feel free to follow me and find out.  Meanwhile, check out my inaugural blog post, “Through Rose Colored Glasses“.  I’m already working on a post for this week about the holidays.

I got to share a byline earlier this fall on an article relating to the aforementioned octogenarian.  It was all about the VA Day of Service that I helped put together. Apparently a truncated copy of the article ran in the print edition! Exciting!  Have I mentioned lately I love my new calling? Well I do.

Speaking of print news, I saw my name in print in the local newspaper! They needed someone to talk about the summer “Lord of the Rings” theatrical event and I was their geek gurl. I also think I’m in an upcoming article about NaNoWriMo.

There’s probably more and I’m just not noticing it.

Due to my uber awesome interwebs prowess, I’ve gotten some neat opportunities lately. It’s been so much fun. I hope that the new year brings me more.  Looking back over this year, I’ve really enjoyed some fun adventures. I feel like I’ve grown as a writer, and I’m looking forward to what 2012 brings.

–Lady O