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Are you Pinning? I must admit, it took me a while to get into Pinterest, but now I’m hooked. I don’t even know how to explain it. You just start using it, and suddenly it just all makes sense.

It is my brain just as much as Evernote.

Here’s some of the interesting things I’ve seen and pinned in the last week:

This year’s Sunday School reading at Church is for The Book of Mormon. Here’s a handy dandy way to break up that reading for the year:

I really just fell in love with this dress. I might need to make something like this. I’m going to sew a lot this year, so I figured I should at least think about stuff for ME that I want/like.

This seems like a really good project for the year. It could go well with my Attitude of Gratitude project.

This seems like another good idea. ‘Tis the Season for coming up with ways to improve oneself. Perhaps a new Project: Me?

I like organization. I hate that my house always seems disorganized. Are you relating? Well, here’s a great start to the New Year:

Are you on Pinterest? Follow me!

I’m kind of hoping to make follow through with some of my pins this year. Be that organizational, fashion, reading, etc related. I started doing some of this towards the end of 2011 and it really was a lot of fun. Pinterest can really inspire a person!

–Lady O