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*NOTE* I debated holding this until next week since I wrote a surprise blog article, Mormons in America, for this morning, but I decided against it. I really liked this entry and figured I would have more fun pinterest things next week to share. So enjoy two blog entries in one day!*

I really enjoyed sharing some of my pins from that great Pinterest website last week. I decided to share again… because that’s just how I roll. The more I can talk about myself, the better. Right?

I decided to showcase ideas and dreams I’ve located on Pinterest… some to try…  some to fail.

Because you know, life is all about dreams and ideas.

And enthusiasm:

I have a lot to be enthusiastic about this year. And I refuse to let people bring me down. No, I’m not at liberty to share. Yet. Let’s just say it’s all about what I love and the haters can get over it.

And if they don’t wanna, they can take my big ol’ dancer’s foot in the gut. HA!

Oh yeah. That’s really cute.  My house, built in the late 90’s, suffers from brass and glass datedness. Gross. Who thought brass and glass was the way to go?  I have two places I could change out for this interesting and beautiful pendant light. One is my front entryway (I have a split foyer and vaulted ceilings. Who thought split foyers were awesome? You suck!!) The question is how on earth would I actually get up there with my super power of mega vertigo? Uhhh.  The other place is my dining room brass and class hideous hanging light.

Either would be better with this option. Better – I could make two! One for each location! Then it would tie the house together a little more.

I’ve never made a light. I’m not sure where to get the supplies. This might be a pipe dream. However, it’s a great idea and far better than the garbage I have.

I love this. I have limited cabinet space and I’m constantly fighting the battle of enough kitchen storage. Especially for these really flat things. I know I’m not alone. You try to cram it all into the drawer under your stove, but there’s just not enough room! Did you know that some people use that thing to cook in? No really. That’s what people tell me. I’m like, “But what do you do with all the crap?”

The problem: That’s an awful lot of work that I’ve 0 experience in. The website makes it look super-duper easy, but I’m thinking that cutting under my cabinets away is not as easy as they make it out to be… or as scary. I mean this is the underneath of cabinets. Where no one has seen since the construction days. Do I really want to know what’s there? Especially after the house sat empty for a good half a year after the foreclosure stuff happened to last residents?

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