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I’m sure you noticed a dearth in posting from me and that made you super sad. I’m dealing with a critical level of lack-o-sleep-itis and it’s really killing me.

No really.

I’m just crazy tired and finding time to accomplish even half of my to-do’s is hard. I hate this sort of exhaustion. Insomnia sucks.

All I know is when I am supposed to get up at vile-dark-thirty (AKA 5:45 AM), I feel like this:

No, I don’t think that’s wrong to say.

This kind of goes for my thoughts on anyone attempting to wake me up if I manage to fall asleep and it’s still dark outside:

If you don’t believe me, then you missed the rage at the alarm clock a couple of weeks ago. Stupid alarm clock…why is the sleep button five times larger than any other button? SHUT THE HECK UP!

The fact that I accomplish so much with such sleep issues only proves:

Need I really say more?

In other, non-insomnia related issues, I’m attempting to learn how to play my new ukulele. It’s sparkly and purple and therefore it rules. At least, I’d be attempting more if I could figure out how to tune the darn thing. Please see the above pin.

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