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It’s Pinterest Thursday. This week I’m not so much focused on extreme fatigue. Instead, I’m focused on writing! So I’m bringing you some of my favourite writing things founds on the lovely Pinterest website!

What have you been writing, Lady O? I’m so glad you asked! Not only have i been super crazy busy here, but I’ve worked more on Juan of the Dead. That’s right! Juan of the Dead! I’m closing in on 70k words and I’m feeling fine!

But, that’s not all! I’ve also written several stories that posted over on my Patch Blog. Some are still in the works but here’s what I posted this week:

  1. “Tim Tebow” Bill Could Offer Much to Communities
  2. Salad Creations Promotes Health and Literacy
  3. Love the Dance
  4. Why Fly a Flag at Half Staff?

If you read them and like them, please feel free to share. Or comment. I always love comments! I’m hoping to complete a couple more perhaps tonight.

So yes, I’ve been a writing fool this week!

So first off: Just because you’re here on my wordpress blog and I just referenced some of my newsy articles:

Didn’t even need the degree. Go me.

And yeah, I totally resemble this one!

After last week’s article I worked on getting for the FLS from my Stake President though, I just want to say sorry to all my editors. But yeah, it’s probably not going to stop me from skirting those deadlines in the future.

One last journalism themed pin, just because people STILL ask me,

“Lady O, why on earth would you ever want to be a much hated and low paid journalist that you would do all this free work on yahoo and patch?”

Now some of you may notice, I’m a fan of the Oxford Comma. Here’s why:

Finally, since I am working on a novel and all combined with I’m a science nerd (FYI: My dad, the nuclear chemist dude, was super not amused.):

Awesome. Right?

–Lady O