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All right all you whiners. I know what you are going to say. “But Balticon was like two months ago!” I was like super crazy busy. With that little dance festival thing. You know… life. But I’m ready to get to blogging again now that I have sooooo much free time. But more so – I’m looking forward to READING again! My book backlog is piling up AGAIN! Ack! So anyway, expect two of these outdated IMM posts! 🙂

Here’s my trouble with going to conventions. I find books. A lot of books. By all the amazing authors that are at the convention. It’s really a terribly hard life. This is a case of First World Problems and it’s a serious issue.

This Balticon I was busy. Plus I’d kind of blown all my budget at Ravencon. Bad me. However, there was one book I really HAD TO HAVE. I’d held off buying it because I’m the dork that forgets all her books she wants signed. Don’t ask me about the last two years where I LOVED the GOH and left whole bags of books at home.  Disgruntled at self much? Yup.

So here’s my piddly haul from Balticon. Guess what though, I’ve actually already read both. Watch for reviews on Friday!  Guess what else? I scored TWO copies of one of these books. Guess what that means? GIVE. AWAY. Yup.  Seriously, stay tuned.


Touch of Power – by the AMAZING and AWESOME and TALENTED Maria V. Snyder. Can I faun at her feet enough? Uh. No. She’s just that great. So if you haven’t read anything by her you need to repent!

The Zombie Driven Life – Um, seriously? What more can I say? Wait till you read the review. This was a stumble-upon find and boy was I glad I stumbled upon…

I love new books. I love new books by favourite authors. I love new books by authors I’ve never heard of. Shut up. It’s not an addiction. I can stop ANY TIME. Really.

–Lady O