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Pinterest is an evil place. It sucks you in and you can’t escape it. Run while you still can…

Oh too late. You’re already sucked in and that’s why you are here. You want to see things I’ve recently pinned and why.

This week I’m featuring items from my “Fashionista Wannabe” board. A great deal of this year saw my focus on a massive costume project that sort of ate my soul for a little bit. Never fear, I salvaged some of it, but it’s a wee bit tattered.

That means it’s time to focus on me for a bit. Fix those tatters and maybe bulk up my wardrobe a little bit with some fun fabrics I picked up along the way but didn’t have the time to focus on.

I love this skirt and I’ll be honest, the ruffle at the bottom scares me a little so I want to try it. I really need to learn my ruffler foot! I’m not sure what fabric to choose, but hopefully this will eventually grace my wardrobe!

A friend and I want to make maxi skirts. I’m hoping now we can since I’ve got some free time. This one is super cute and it has a ruffle! Don’t gripe about my ruffle theme! I blame cha-cha skirts!

I love this skirt with the bow! Isn’t it adorable? It’s high-waisted so that might cause me issues. I really hate high-waisted stuff inhibiting my breathing. Again, trying to decide on a good fabric for this skirt!

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