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In My Mailbox is the internet meme where you feature the books that came into your house in the last week. This week was a doozy and totally unplanned. Mostly thanks to my mother!

a bunch of books for august

Looks like I need to catch up on some of my fave authors!

Yeah, I’m behind. Really behind.

Thumped – the sequel to Bumped. I will admit, one of the things i like about dystopian is seeing how society can change and this controversial subject really made me wonder how the sequel would handle things. So yes, I got it.

The Golden Lilly – Huzzah! The sequel to Bloodlines, the spin-off of the Vampire Academy series! I can’t wait!

Deadlocked – the new Sookie book? WIN!

Vision Impossible and Lethal Outlook – I’m TWO behind on Psychic Eye? ACK!

I’d tell you I love you but then I’d have to kill you – A private school for female teen spies. Yes please.

The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires – No real initial, it was in the collection handed to me from my mum and I don’t know much about it. Unlike the teen spies book, she didn’t clue me in.

So yeah, have I crossed the 300 book mark on my TBR? I don’t know. I’m too afraid to look. Good thing I have actually had some time for reading recently, though I’m dreadfully behind on my goal for the year. I might need to do something like take October off and do nothing but read!

What should I read next? I definitely think it’s coming from this pile. (Note – I’ve actually already one and a half of these.  Watch for the upcoming reviews!)

Meanwhile, please pray that there’s no earthquakes or other epic natural disaster smack-down antics this August because I might die under an avalanche of books. I kind of like living, but this is getting desperate!

Yours in reading,

Lady O