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People think I have an attitude problem. I think I’m quirky.

Maybe they just don’t want to take the time to get to know the real me. Their loss.

I know that I sometimes play at the narcissist that all bloggers tend to be, but I’ve talked about attitude before. Why do you think I wear rose-coloured glasses? It’s all about ‘tude.

Sometimes I whine, but it’s only about the stuff I don’t actually care about. Believe me, I’ve got enough troubles to make my purse du jour heavy enough. I just happen to think what’s inside a lady’s handbag is not anyone’s business.

Well here’s another for the Attitude of Gratitude run… and actually for Project: Me as well.

I am so thankful that I’ve got the opportunity to work on myself. That I can get these rose-coloured glasses and try to change myself to be the kind of person that can look past the boulders in my purse. Which, by the way, is how I think I’m going to start referring to my so-called “Abrahamic Trials.” Think my LDS Bishop will like that? Probably, he’s a fairly funny guy.

I’m also thankful that pinterest gives me daily affirmations.

Life is hard, and I’m pretty sure I’m failing more than I’m succeeding. However, guess what? I’m totally still alive and I’m surviving. So that’s not half bad.

So yeah, I’m not a failure! I’m a success!

So when the haters gotta hate and start trying to bring me down, I just gotta say:

Thankfully, I try to always enact my “Awesome People” rule. You’re only allowed in my presence if you’re an awesome person. Look, I called you awesome!

Those that don’t think I’m awesome, well that’s their own personal problem because I completely realize:

I kind of like not being like everyone else.

Because truly, we’re all unique and we should try to remember that in our own Project: Me attempts.

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