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Sometimes you see a Blog Dare prompt and know you need to join in. Like talking about your favourite movies.

Admission time: I love movies. I really love going to the theatre, but it’s so hard to afford that. It’s just the experience from the fatty popcorn to the eight gallon drink to the big screen. I love it. I also love watching movies at home and make excellent use of my Netflix account. And Redbox.

How do you choose just five movies, though? Impossible! I’ll feature five that I love, but I’m not claiming them as my favourites. There’s just too many that I love dearly that I can’t include in a Top Five Playlist.

I love playlists!

5. Back to the Future

You get Michael J. Fox in a DeLorean time machine and all kinds of hijinks from an accidental trip to 30 years into his parents past. Paradoxes are fun! I even enjoyed the following two movies. However, we’re getting awful close to 2015 and I don’t have any of those nifty gadgets.

4. The King’s Speech

Warning – this movie is rated R for several scenes using the F-bomb as a way to help with stuttering. That is it. If you have an aversion to R-rated movies, this is one that is worthy of an exception or you can find a copy with those scenes cut, do so. This completely moved my entire family and it gave all new meaning to a speech I know very well. I honestly had no idea the King stammered like this and Colin Firth will just about bring you to tears as well as laughter. This movie is so well done and utterly amazing. Regardless of the R-rating, I highly recommend it.

3. The Best Two Years

BYU TV shows this every General Conference. It is now a tradition for us to watch this movie and it just wouldn’t be General Conference without it. The trailer really doesn’t do it justice. It’s got some truly hilarious scenes as well as some moving moments. It’s not the greatest movie on earth and definitely fits into a niche audience, but any movie I watch two times a year with my boys in an hour and a half of good times should definitely be on this playlist!

2. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Honestly, my favorite of all the movies. I’ve seen it the most and it never gets old. And I get to watch [The one and only real] Spock…I mean Leonard Nimoy.

1. Labyrinth

Seriously. David Bowie. Goblins. Puppets. Awesome Music. YOU CANNOT GO WRONG. (Did I mention David Bowie?)  Did I mention that the first audiotape I ever bought was the soundtrack to this movie? When I left for University I owned a whopping four tapes and zero CDs. This was one of those tapes. And it was kind of dying. (I don’t count mix tapes, but I probably had about a half-dozen of those.)

Bonus video because I love it – Dance Magic from Labyrinth

Share your thoughts! I’ll happily hear what you think I needed to mention.

–Lady O