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Looks like a #science curriculum to me!

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Looks like a science curriculum to me!

About two weeks ago, a friend told me about this fantastic deal courtesy of the United States Government. The USDA Forest Service to be specific.

These workbooks look fun and are entirely free at the Natural Inquirer website.  Just click on “View and Order Journals” and away you go.  FYI: What’s pictured here is the “sample”. These “free” (well you know, for paying our taxes) workbooks are geared for middle grade students, but we thought they looked fun and covered topics from all over the planet.  The included articles and activities were actually done in conjunction with students, so we thought it would make for a fun exploration for the fall to distract us from our more serious studies.

I’m not going to lie, several of these look pretty interesting to me. Let’s talk Hawaii.  Let’s talk that Natural Inquirer should totally send us to Hawaii.  (This might be why I love reading.)

Looking for some fun workbooks for your kids? Homeschool? Upcoming trip? Well, I hope this helps!

Special note: Read the mailing info.  You can order five items. (A sample pack is one item.) You must then wait two weeks before you can order more.  For teachers, there are instructions on how long it will take to get enough for your classroom.  These books are free and include information for core curriculum items met by using the books. They are workbook style, so it would probably be best to have one per student though you could always photocopy or tell kids to write in a journal.  I received these books for free because they are free. I chose to blog about because who doesn’t want to know all about free stuff?

–Lady O