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I’m sharing this great post, again from Pond of Dunans.  The BYU-Idaho Pathway program is a wonderful resource for members of the LDS faith. My oldest son participated in it last year and my younger son plans to start it next year.

I’m grateful for the opportunity this program allows people across the globe to attempt to further their education easily and affordably.  Want to know more about what it is like? Check out what Pomd has to say:

The General Skills class is the first class everyone takes in the Pathway program.  I thought it was a good class to start for someone with no experience in online learning. The class is designed to give students with varies educational backgrounds the skills they need to feel confident in college.  As such this class […]


We believe strongly in education in my home. My parents raised me to be a life-long learner as their parents raised them.  I’ve likewise taught the principle to my own kids.  Education is very important, and one of the very few things you can always take with you. If you are looking for a way to earn or finish your degree and are Mormon, I recommend Pathway to you.  I only wish there were more programs like this one!

— Lady O