It’s NaNoWriMo… I thought I’d prep some blog entries for NaBlo because I am taking this NaNo off, but I’ve done other work because… yeah…

I’m still fielding people contacting me in regards to yesterday’s news that I was banned for no reason from even attending ReGeneration Who.  I still don’t know why I was banned, what precipitated randomly banning me since the event was in March and I wasn’t applying for anything or buying tickets to the event…

However, apparently there’s a lot of conventions and fen that are upset for me, love me, and want me because after 30 years of active service in the fen community, apparently I’m loved.  Thanks for cheering me up!  This is why I love going to conventions – the fan family is tight-nit and it’s better than any family reunion because it’s family you choose and it’s nerdy!  Woot woot.

I've got my macbook and my "Let's complain" Starbucks Red Cup!

I’ve got my macbook and my “Let’s complain” Starbucks Red Cup!

–Lady O