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You know, I probably would have totally skipped this one, but it sounded so appealing! At this point, I am planning to pick up the Christmas one, because I simply know it’s going to be a thing.

Not that I need any more polish, but I’ve fallen in love with Rainbow Honey. 

I know that Monday’s November Mystery Bag was filled with awesome, but I’m telling you, it gets better! Check out the special holiday edition bag now.

Thanksgiving Mystery Bag

  • Baked Raspberry Glaze Scented Glitter Topper – It’s glittery, it’s brown and pink, and it’s scented so it’s not quite so nail-polish-strong.  Best of all, it’s a full sized bottle! I wasn’t even expecting that.
  • Hot Apple Pie Sugar Lip Scrub – full sized pot.  You guys don’t even want to know how yummy that smells.  Here’s hoping for no chapped lips this winter!
  • Matching Lip Balm – because the sugar scrub wasn’t nummy enough? That’s right.
  • Great Pumpkin Pie Lip Scrub – OK, I’m not as much of a pumpkin pie fan, because when you have apple pie you are set with just about the best pie on earth.  That said, this is enough to possibly sway you.
  • Matching Lip Balm – Seriously, it’s the bounty of lip love.  It’s like they knew winter was coming fast!
  • 3 guest size Warm Blueberry Pie hand soaps – not only are they are a gorgeous blue but they smell amazing to boot.

I think I gained five pounds because of all the yummy pie scents.  Thanks a lot, Rainbow Honey!

What’s your favorite pie?

–Lady O