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Are you a fan of geeky items? I am. I attended my first convention in 1986 and immediately got sucked in to volunteering.  One of the things I remember doing was hitting up the huckster’s room and discovering a plethora of amazing, nerdy things.

And thus my avid collecting items of geek-dom began.  Sadly, I’ve lost all my buttons, now called flair, but ask me sometime about the result of wearing a “Real Daleks don’t climb stairs, they level the building” button to school.

Each year I saved up my allowance and money earned doing odd jobs for people so I could buy things at the next convention’s dealer’s room.

Now, each month, you can get items packaged and delivered right to your door.  It doesn’t hurt that geeky paraphernalia  are easily attained in any shopping mall in the country.  We no longer need to resort to mail order, comic book stores, or our next convention.  (However, I do believe that you can often find far more interesting and harder to find items at said places/events.)

November Nerd Block Classic “Tis the Season”

This block contained some truly interesting pop culture items.

  • Bill Murray Art Print – I honestly don’t know what’s going on with this creepy bust, but perhaps that’s what happens in the ZombieLand.  It’s kind of creeping me out, but no worries.  I’ve got a plan.
  • Serenity Christmas Ornament –  Well goram!  You can’t take the sky from me and I can talk about Christmas in November!
  • Sherlock Titans Vinyl – You know you love Sherlock. Why?  Because Holmes is the just that awesome.  However, what’s cooler, this vinyl or the felt doll?
  • Star Wars wall calendar – These are not the dates you are looking for.
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation moose cup – Well, I bet it’s still far-gee-lay!
  • Back to the Nightmare tee – OK, so here’s where I admit that I could give a ROUS’s tail about Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.  However, a skeleton surfing a DeLorean is pretty darn impressive.

Overall, not a bad mystery box.  At least it is creative and it crosses the gambit of pop culture this holiday season!

What’s your favorite item you see? I’m really having a hard time deciding.

–Lady O

PS: Is anyone finding the new WordPress interface laggy for posting? I also dislike that I can no longer search for my own blog entries from the link shortcut.