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You guys know that I love to organize things.  It makes me happy, plus it helps in my small spaces.  Last week I hit up The Dollar Tree and got some great items to organize my nerdy stuff and it really made my shelves about a thousand times better.  That left me needing and wanting to better organize my jewelry and makeup.

There’s nothing worse than trying to find some jewelry and not finding it. I really didn’t have good storage for my jewelry and I decided that I needed to rectify this. The Dollar Tree is fantastic, but they don’t really have anything good in this regard.

Next thing I knew, I found these fantastic acrylic 4-drawer units by Sodynee on Amazon for a fairly decent price. I picked up an extra one for my makeup and a matching 3-drawer to also use for jewelry..  Once they came in, it took a little bit of work to decide how best to use them and where to store them. I ended up deciding they looked good on the hutch on my dresser, which is where I keep my earring trees.

I’m excited at how nice these look!

I moved from there to my makeup.  Again, it took a little bit of trial and error, but I finally decide on a system.  I love using a drawer for each item. I don’t have a lot of makeup, but I have more than some people. One drawer holds blush and face, another holds eye shadows. The two little drawers hold pencils/crayons.

I picked up a great nail polish rack by Home-It, which was just about perfect for my nail polish collection. Now i can more easily see my polish to select a manicure theme! Before my polish sat in a drawer in my bathroom vanity, in three trays from The Dollar Tree stacked on top of each other. Talk about not helpful!

Freeing up those bins from polish meant I could use one for my palettes! Excellent! I’m so excited for this so I can have everything at my disposal when I sit down to do makeup. I keep rearranging it, looking for the best way to display my palettes.

I don’t do my makeup every day, because I’m happy with how I look without it. I do enjoy it for fun, going out, and of course I need it when I act. Sometimes, I just enjoy coming up with a look just for fun. It’s been a long time since I really did decorative/fancy/stage makeup, but I think it’s always all about the fun as much as anything else.  As an actress and dancer, makeup is about the persona you are portraying, a mask. Well, masks can be simple, fancy, or fun!

I also used votive cups I got from The Dollar Tree and filled with colored stones for holding brushes and my mascara. I love finding ways to organize on a budget.

What are your favorite ways to organize your jewelry and makeup? Share in the comments!  Also, if you’d like to see me make a youtube video giving a tour of things, let me know!

–Lady O

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