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Are you a resolutions person? I’m really not a huge resolutions person because I feel like we get all excited at the New Year’s but that dies quickly.  Something with real life setting back in after the holidays combined with the misery of winter. Let’s work out!  Oh it’s -5 outside. That’s a big fat NOPE!  You get the idea.

January is a month where I mostly want to lock myself in my house, climb under the blankets, and not emerge until it’s decent weather.

Like March.  Or possibly even April.

May.  May’s a good month.

The lack of resolutions doesn’t negate my attempt to have goals. Or that I do reassess things at the start of the year. I create a new budget spreadsheet.  I look at what’s still in my house that I never completed the previous year.  You get the idea.

What better way to plan your goals than Pinterest?  I’m a believer of ensuring you can see things. You will never accomplish your goals if you do not see them. Make them visible to yourself, the world just adds extra accountability.


Get Fit:


Journal/Time Planning:

Plan your leisure time:

Beauty Planning:

When you make plans and organize them, you can better plan how to accomplish them.  I use my various boards to organize my fashion ideas, my recipes, my workouts, you name it. I like that I can then easily find my way back to things for future use and I receive inspiration from my boards.

I just shared one pin from boards I formed to give you inspiration. I love seing what others pin and sometimes I find things that make a difference in my life. How grateful I am for the multitude of ways to lift ourselves.

How do you use Pinterest to help with your goals or resolutions? How will you make Pinterest a positive experience going forward?

-Lady O