One of the things I like to do on Sunday mornings is review my week.  If Church is early, I don’t get as much time or pondering, but this year my congregation meets at 11:00 AM, giving me the ability to properly wake up and face the day right!

I feel like it is good to reflect on the things of the past week, both good and bad.  It aids in looking forward as I determine things that worked well and areas for improvement. 

I also think it’s good as I prepare to take the Sacrament and converse with the Lord as I return to his house for worship and communion. 

This week flew by in a blur. There’s been so much as the holidays drew to a close and the world reset to what we like to consider normal.  

Nothing shows off normality as much as the photographs we take and share on social media. I looked at the last few days on my Instagram 💜💜💜 and felt like sharing.

Friends gathering, moving, and worshipping. Plans for my own spiritual growth and some inspirational quotes.  A flair for the dramatic and some beautiful rocks. I love that this encapsulates so much of my life and yet not a single picture is mine. 

I spent a lot of time this week in study and hard work.  Again, not a single picture is mine, but this shows more of how my week went.  

I am up to date with my Job study and am enjoying it. It’s been a while since I spent some in depth time with this book of Scrupture and I am always inspired when I return to his story. I’m grateful for the Inspiration keeping me on track. Meanwhile, my goals on improving my prayers will get some added boosts from the Internet, and I’m all right with that! I definitely think it’s the Spirit of God working on all of us, calling us to turn our hearts and minds to the Lord. 

I’m looking forward to starting a new week and what it will hold. I hope to continue well on my newest exercise routines, my study of Job, my work on improving my graphics design and programming. I have a lot going on this week as I prepare for the upcoming convention season, reading, and working some fashion and beauty things.  

What else will the week hold? I don’t know, but for right now I will rest and reflect. 

Happy Sunday, everyone! 

If you saw something cool on Instagram, let me know. You can always follow me and give me a shoutout! I would love to hear how you reflect on the past with an eye towards the future!

–Lady O