In an effort to continually learn, I read a business scenario this week.  In it, three friends not long out of University decided to start their own business.  They each have their own likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and of course their own ideas.  In the end, they decide they would like the business to run online and focus on either chess or snowboards.

It was interesting to see their research, which then had me performing my own investigations.  I know next to nothing about snowboards, and while I enjoy chess, I would not consider myself exceedngly knowledgeable in it either.  Research is the most important thing to start doing if one wants to actually start and manage a successful business, however I postulate that it is the most important of any endeavour.

Looking for a vacation spot? Research.  Want to learn to improve your health? Research?  Need to repair something? Research.  Looknig for a new job? Again, research. In order to make well informed descisions, you need to first do your homework.  It holds little value to run off half-cocked simply beause “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

It interested me to see, in the scenario, how the trio chose to go about researching and it opened a few new avenues of research for me in the future. I look forward to implenting these new methods in the future.  Meanwhile, I will continue to research in order to better plan out my life.

Why? Research leads to planning, that’s why.

–Lady O