This month’s Nerdblock was defintely interesting and had some real wins!

December Nerdblock: Star Wars


  • Exclusive Kylo Ren Tee: Not kidding, I’ve worn it and already gottne the thumbs up from others.  This shirt is made of the win, and it’s got purple on it! WOOT!
  • Exclusive Blaster Keychain: You say lightsaber, I say blaster gun.  Ok, really, I say use both!  BOOYAH. But, dude, a blaster gun key chain. I can channel my inner smuggler. WIN.
  • Galactic Destination Mouse Pad: I got Mos Eisley.  Need I really say more? I’m throwing a towel over my shoulder and hitichhiking there now.
  • Star Wars Ice Cube Trays: I got the ships.  Which is the best one, except I already had that one.  What does that mean? Just means that I can make more! WOOT WOOT!  I’m fairly certain I can also make chocolate in this thing so there.  I can have ice and chocolate.  Who doesn’t want a freaking Millenial Falcon chocolate?
  • Star Trek Rank Insignia Pen.  In memory of Leonard Nimoy.  LLAP, people.  I still haven’t recovered from the loss of my Beloved Spock.  Don’t get me started on this week with Bowie and Rickman.  This is a week of: I can’t even. However, this rank insignia pin is awesome and it came with a Cert of Authenticity.

I have to say, this box was nothng but win.  Absoulte, unadulturated, win. I maybe had a tear in my eye between the blaster gun and the pin.  We won’t talk about that.  Or we will.  Hit me up in the comments, but warning, there might be spoilers!

–Lady O