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What we’ve been doing

I’ve been working with some friends to learn how to use tools such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords.  We each produced websites on different forums and then created accounts to see how things worked.  It’s been quite the adventure, to say the least.

What I’ve learned

I really don’t understand advertising.  Adverts annoy me and I just don’t comprehend them in the way that advertisers would like. This proves problematic when attempting to create an advert, but that’s OK.  I found minimal success, and I prefer a more organic approach to growth.  I want my viewers to be real, not purchased.

I do understand social media, SEO, searching, and how to read a great deal of the stats you can receive for viewership.  I still prefer Jetpack built in to WordPress, but Google Analytics offers a wealth of alternative options.  Also, apparently Jetpack doesn’t trigger the SEO checkers while Google Analytics does. Improving your SEO score is always a good idea.

Interesting Alternatives

We found a site, WooRank, that will help you test your SEO.  I made the mistake of trying this website first and then had to wait a full week before I could check on my other sites. Ugh! Frustrating!

The information: Middling for my other site but fairly good for this one. The problem: You get one free scan a week or you have to pay.  I’m not saying it’s “not worth the money”, however for an experiment and whatnot? I’m not wanting that.  If I designed websites full time, or even part time like I did in the 90’s and 00’s, that would be another story.

Looking for an audit alternative? A way to check your website for SEO? Check out Page Locus!  Free for multiple sites/scans! I actually found out better information for both my sites through Page Locus. Fantastic!

Shout Outs

There were some truly interesting and creative website adventures and I wanted to showcase a few of them. Please follow and check them out.  They are of a variety of skill-sets, interests, and creativity!

Also, any shares of this would be fantastic.  Looking especially to help my Shout Outs with some backlink love via whatever method you have to offer!

X’s and O’s my lovelies!

–Lady O