Hey everyone, Lady Ozma here!  I know I’ve been silent, but I’ve been exploring other options for sharing my life recently and it’s been an adventure to say the least.  I’ve used my YouTube channel and Google Hangouts on Air.  More recently, FaceBook Live which I enjoy very much! It’s really interesting how much this whole idea of sharing yourself on the internet has changed.  I’m sorry I’ve neglected all of you faithful followers, but my OCD and PTSD really drains me of energy sometimes.

So what about my Design work? I don’t really like most of the things (well my re-do of my poster isn’t too bad) I’ve posted here a year ago.  The challenges were not as good and quite limited me in my honest opinion.  I’ve moved to better prepared challenges and work, however I posted them to Behance.  Perhaps I should bring them here as well?  Feel free to check out my personal Behance and let me know what you think of the work there!

Meanwhile, keep it classy as we are all in this crazy world together!  Big MWAH kisses to all of you!   And please, comment or follow me on all my other media channels.  Heck, you are all more than welcome to friend me on Facebook, but at least send me a message or comment on my Lady Ozma page.  I’ve been getting a lot of spammers lately 😦 😦

–Lady O