In a nutshell… hospital hospital hospital.

It is never a good situation to wake up before 8:00 AM to the dulcet sounds of fighting kids. We rushed out the door, heading to the hospital for all of Caramons tests and scans. YUCK. He faced a full day of: EKG, Echo, CT of chest and abdomin (that means drink contrast over two hours and have iv contrast too), and double the blood work. You get the picture.

We won’t know anything until tomorrow at the earliest, but probably next week. If the tests come back clear we don’t have to go back for three months. SO that is GREAT! WOOHOO We are very hopeful.

Caramon did well. I felt so bad for him. He couldn’t eat this morning due to the CT. I hate that he just doesn’t understand it. Then he had to have his finger poked for bloodwork. And they took twice as much blood as usual. Following that he had to drink the horrible contrast, but he had to also have IV contrast which meant a needle in the arm. He was so brave though, only whimpering. He asked me to hide his eyes from the needle. They put this emla cream (we call it magic cream) on his arm to numb it so he wouldn’t feel the needle as much.  The magic cream helps, but it is still scary. His little lip and chin just quivered. But he didn’t thrash or sob or anything. He’s a big brave Caramon. Be very proud of him. He was happy when it was over.

As a treat for good behavior and bravery, I gave the boys Happy Meals. Joram of course spent time in the sibling  clubhouse flirting with the workers he’s wrapped around his finger!

I came home and crashed on the couch around 3pm, and let the kids unwind. Then amethyst75 called me up and needed some help taking care of the car. We were off once more! Got just about everything done. Thank goodness. I want that car out of our name and everything. So glad it is going to someone who needs it!

So I finally ended up at home by 7pm. What a long day. Hubby is in NY and we tried to talk over the net but the dang net kept crashing on me. So we didn’t hardly get to talk at all tonight. 😦 He comes home tomorrow. Yay! I just can’t wait!