If you’ve checked out my friends you know that most of my friend list are blogs that people have done based on TV Show characters. I just love this. Creative people. But now I have two more honest to goodness real live people! Hi velvetcat and kayeita! Hug hug hug to you guys!

I’m so happy, tonight NBC was showing new shows! Friends was awesome! I’m watching ER now. Yikes Kerry, what are you doing? And Abby, JUST SAY YES! MARRY CARTER! I must say I am happy after a week of mostly repeats to see some new shows. I hate repeat season. How am I going to survive this summer?? HAHA

Oh I heard wonderful news. Christopher Reeves had some surgery and is able to breathe without the machines. That is so wonderful. He was my hero as a little girl when he played Superman. And now he is my hero for being a real live superman! He’s just great! Christopher Reeves… best to you man!