OK, first of all I must say that I love my house and my neighbourhood. Don’t get me wrong. But I have to comment on this. As you know I worked on my garage this week. Well I finished it up yesterday and it is great. I am able to barely squeeze my boat of a car (Taurus) in it. Is it cram packed? No. But these days they barely make them big enough for a car. And they don’t think about people with cars that aren’t compact. Sure if I had a focus it would fit like a dream. I have no clue how people with vans and those big SUVs do it. So frustrating!

My other gripe since I’m griping about skimping… they make these big huge houses twice the size they used to on lots half the size they used to be. I would love to put something in the backyard for the kids, but nothing would fit! Ever wonder why they are doing this?

But that aside, I love my house. I was outside yesterday because it was simply beautiful (FINALLY) and enjoying my little piece of the earth. There is something to be said for owning your own little plot of land. And I love my house. I need to find my nails, I have some new pictures to hang up!

Hmmm… oh yeah, I have heard NOTHING more about this path they are putting pratically IN my yard. I’ll keep you posted.

Feel free to look at the pictures on my website. You can take a virtual tour of my whole house and yard! 🙂

In case anyone cares right now we can only fit one car in our garage. All we really need is someplace or something to do with the bikes. We don’t have any hanging shelves or hooks in the garage as our house is so new. So the bikes are just standing in the garage on the floor. Once we can take care of them though we will be able to fit our second car in the garage. Then our driveway can be free! I hate having cars in the driveway. Of course now I get this done. Now that winter is almost over. Yes I’m rolling my eyes. All that snow and I had to scrape/get it off my car. HAHA But really, it was just too cold to figure out what to do in the garage. Plus we had that third car.