Hubby got home this morning! WOOHOOO he had so much fun in NYC. Yeah that’s it. He was in a class all day so he couldn’t go do anything daytime oriented. Then because he had new shoes he got mega blisters so he couldn’t do much sight seeing. He did get walk down to Times Square and up to Central Park and he got to see the stuff affiliated with that area. He brought home 15 pictures of his trip to NYC. WOOHOO One thing is Letterman’s building, the Ed Sullivan Theatre. He also took some skyline pictures at night from his hotel. Now he opened the window to take the picture but we got tons of orbs. I mean TONS. Feel free to take a look.

Go visit Sir Megabyte’s NYC Photo Album. I’m still sad I could not go. *SIGH* I would love to go to NYC sometime. So neat! So fun!

Oh I almost forgot. Hubby brought home gifts! He gave the boys each a pencil. They are white with statues of liberty on them. Then on the eraser end is the statue of liberty eraser. For me he gave me a gold plated brass bookmark of the NY skyline. I put it on my computer desk by my bear from Seattle and my dolphins from Orlando. All our traveling the last little bit.. I’m getting a nice souvenier collection. Wonder if his work is going to send him anywhere else? hehehe Next time I hope I can go! It was just so wrong of them… they didn’t notify him till the week before that he was going to NYC. How wrong is that? I can’t make last minute plans to go to NYC! *very big grins and giggles*