Tonight is Farscape Friday. I would like to think that anybody who is anybody was watching. But I know some of you have not learned the glory that is Farscape! This is a truly awesome sci fi show. It is well done all around. Acting, writing, costuming, sets… everything is top notch. But Sci-Fi channel decided the ratings were too low and so they cancelled it even though we were promised a whole season five. Yes you may sob now. It is a travesty of justice! I can only hope there are Farscape movies to look forward to. The final episode is next week. I may wear black. If you haven’t seen this show, they are releasing the seasons to DVD. I’m not sure how many are out yet, but I know season 1 is. I highly recommend you check it out.

Now on to my rant. Just who decides where to put these ratings boxes? Because it seems to me that all the good shows get cancelled and all the crummy shows continue. Especially when this pertains to sci fi. Do they go out of their way to find people who don’t watch sci fi? Well warning to you guys in charge of these boxes. Give me one and I’m gonna sit my tv on Sci-Fi nonstop.

OK I’m missing Stargate (which is another really great show! Thanks Sci-Fi Channel for picking this up when Showtime had cancelled it! If only you had picked up Roswell. *SIGH*) so I am going to go back to watching it. Tonight’s episode is very interesting!