Silver Dragon

What kind of Dragon are you?
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You guys know how much I enjoy quizzes. Well today I found one that helps you determine what kind of dragon you are. How could I pass this up! Dragons are so cool! Let’s see. Among other things they are lizards with wings that breathe fire. Lizards are cool, winged critters are really cool, and fire-where can you go wrong with fire? Keeps you warm on a cold winter night or if someone gets in your face you pull out your own pocket dragon to breathe fire at the person and scare them off!

Many years ago at Balticon I adopted my very own Gold Fire Lizard. Golds are the queens! She’s sweet and been a good friend!

What’s a fire lizard? You poor person. You have not been introduced to Anne McCaffrey and her Dragonriders of Pern series. These are awesome books. I highly recommend you go out and get them now. She hasn’t put a new book out recently unfortunately, but that’s OK. They hold up to rereading as well. I read my first Pern novel in 7th Grade and was immediately hooked. There are big dragons but there are also these little mini-dragons called Fire Lizards! Both bond with you. Woohoo. I’ve always wanted to be a Dragonrider! By the way, read anything by Anne McCaffrey. My rule with her is that everything she writes is good. I have yet to read something from her I haven’t liked!

Speaking of Anne McCaffrey, I am currently reading a book in her Freedom series called “Freedom’s Ransom”. Basically aliens invade the Earth and this is our fight for freedom and following our fight for freedom. Excellent reads. I’m about halfway through Ransom and loving it. Next I think I am going to reread her Planet Pirates trilogy. Sir Megabyte is in the middle of them now and it will give us something to talk about. He’s BLOWN through the first two books.

While I’m talking about good authors, another of my all time favorite authors is Mercedes Lackey. I currently have a book I hadn’t seen before by her checked out from the library. It is called “The Serpent’s Shadow” and looks v. good. I’ll keep you guys posted. But she’s also in on that above rule. “Anything by Mercedes Lackey is good!” She is best known for her Valdemar series which I have read all of and own most of.

One final note is that my book club book for this month is “The Blind Assassin” by Margaret Atwood. I’ll definately post about it once I’ve read it. I need to get to reading it as my book club meets in two weeks! EEEK! Oh well, must finish the awesome Anne McCaffrey book first! *grins*