Just thought I’d post a little about what I did today. Just because I was really busy and actually did stuff! So rare! You know how it goes as a stay home mommy, we don’t normally do anything. *sarcastic roll of the eyes*

This morning I had Relief Society. It is 161 years old this month. It is the oldest women’s organization and awesome. I love being in the RS. We had a birthday celebration at Church today so I went to that. Then I dropped off a book at the library. (Anne McCaffrey’s “Acorna’s Rebels”) Then I went to the YMCA to find out about memberships and swim lessons. I really want to get the kids into swim lessons. They are fairly reasonable but I’m not sure if we are going to join or not. It is still in discussion. Then I went out with the Sister Missionaries to an appointment. They were meeting with a very nice woman who’s daughter is investigating our Church. I got home at 5 and talked to my next door neighbours about their planting they are doing. Then I rode my bike around my neighbourhood once. By then I was tired from my busy day and so came home and have been relaxing ever since.

Of course, I watched Trading Spaces tonight. I love this show. I loved both rooms. Frank and Doug redid master bedrooms.

After the kids went to bed I’ve been surfing livejournals. Woohoo!