Lupin – Defense Against the Dark Arts

Harry Potter: Which Hogwarts professor would you be?
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Hmmm I am Defense Against the Dark Arts am I? Well that’s for the best as I am all about saving the world from death and destruction and evil! I was destined to be a Charmed One! I knew it! *packing bags to head to Hogwarts now! First stop, Diagon Alley!* I promise that I will last more than one school year! I shall break the curse!

Now I just have to say, I’m anxious for the new Harry Potter book to come out. Not anxious for the size. I’m an adult, I don’t mind reading a 1000 page book but I wonder what it will mean for the kids! Of course, I need to get cracking as I’ve only read the first two books. But I won’t buy the new one till it is out in paperback so I’m OK. I am trying to read the books spaced out to make them last longer so it doesn’t feel like I am waiting so long for a new one to come out. Besides, my reading list is a mile long!

Harry Potter is an excellent series. Especially for kids. There is nothing evil about them. If you think there is I suggest you really look into the Wiccan religion so you can see there is nothing wrong with it. Enough said. I will continue no further. But do not post to me about the evils of witchcraft and Harry Potter and Pokemon or anything else! There is true evil in the world to worry yourself over. Rant over, here’s a hug for you! *HUGS*

Hey velvetcat, look! I finally stole one of your quizzes instead of you mine! Good choice girl!