I love the nice warm weather we are having but it means the need for new sandals. Which means the need to break in new shoes. This is always the pits. Just how much walking can you do before your feet start to rub wrong? What can you do?

Poor hubby took brand new shoes to NYC with him. He has HUGE blisters on the back of his feet from them. Poor guy! I got new sandals. I wore them yesterday for a walk around half my neighbourhood and was fine. But today I walked the other part of the neighbourhood nad now have a raw spot.

Hmmm, a great invention would be shoes that are already broken in. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? No more blisters! People would flock to the shoe stores! “Hello, mate! Could I have some of those new shoes that are already broken in, please?” They’d sell by the crate load!

It is just wrong you have to suffer through the misery of buying the dang shoes to then have to suffer through the misery of breaking said shoes in. Now I know why I never get new shoes…