As some of you know, I have banned myself from the bookstore until I read some of the books I have here at home. I made myself promise that I would read 10 books before I went back to the bookstore. I have a nasty habit of going in for one book and buying 4. Then I went on vacation, had the holidays, and have been checking books out of the library so I haven’t been reading all the books I’ve bought. EEEK. I’ve read four books so I only have six more to go.

Now I must admit, some of the books I’ve gotten I have to get the previous books in the series before I can read them. So those are kept out of the queue.

So, here is the stack that I have to choose from. I thought I would share!

Harry Potter book 3
Harry Potter book 4
Fool Moon
The Face of a Stranger
Children of God
Catherine, Called Birdy
Artemis Fowl
Artemis Fowl: the Artic Incident
The Talisman Ring

That’s 12 books and I have to read six. EEEK. I think I will try to read all of them before going to the bookstore unless I need to pick up a book club book. The trouble is going in for book club book only!

I do have a book I left off the queue. It is the book we are reading for book club in May. The Black Swan. I don’t want to read it until closer to book club!