So it was supposed to rain this morning. It hasn’t yet. It isn’t even really all THAT cloudy. I mean this is Ohio… it’s always cloudy to some degree. So I wonder if it really will rain.

Of course yesterday morning was very hot. By 5pm though we almost needed jackets again. Then the sun went down and the temperature plummeted. Crazy Ohio weather. Wants to be summer during the morning and winter in the evening! HAHA

So have you ever wondered how many sunny days you get a year? I have seriously wondered about here. When we lived in Yuma they had something like 350 sunny days in a year. I don’t think there are nearly as many sunny days here in Ohio. Not even half.

I shouldn’t complain though. The snow has melted and I’ve been able to go for walks almost every day for the last week! WOOHOO! I love the nice weather! It was so brutally cold and snowy all winter long that I am glad for some springtime weather! I have been dancing in my back yard… just because I can! And now my plans are to spring planting. Ahhhh. Flowers and green things and pretty yards! My next door neighbours have already been out planting! Their other neighbour has been cleaning up her flower beds for spring planting.

Spring is in the air!